The UBAFC Network

Football is the best sport in the world (change my mind) and naturally, the best sport produces the best blokes. One thing that won’t be disputed is that every year UBAFC brings together dozens of like-minded footballers at the University of Bristol to connect via the beautiful game and is so reliably the source of friendships to last a lifetime.

The UBAFC Network is new for the 2020/21 season and has been established to ensure that all club members, past and present, are able to keep each other and the club close to them.

The Network is in its infancy and will take some time to develop however, we are confident that connecting different generations of the club will benefit everyone involved. We will be increasing the amount of UBAFC content that will be made public via our website and social media accounts as well as the number of events open to alumni. The success of the Network depends on the support that we receive and all contributions, no matter how small, are valued infinitely and will help make the UBAFC Network a success. If there is anything you would like to see, something you would like to be a part of, or a way you think you could support us then drop some words into the suggestion box below. All submissions go straight to our email address:

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We are looking to connect our alumni back with the club by increasing the number of events that we organise, from alumni dinners and matches, to events at the darts and the races.

Alumni Dinner 2020 – Postponed

The second Alumni Dinner was scheduled for the 21st March 2020 but unfortunately it had to be cancelled due to COVID-19. The dinner will be rescheduled ASAP – keep checking back for updates!

Alumni Dinner 2019

On September 28th 2019 we held the first ever UBAFC alumni dinner at the Indian Orchard, North Finchlay and it was a huge success. 64 club members attended across 7 years of the club’s history, raising £2,200 for the club. Read more about this event below.

We asked some club members what their favourite UBAFC moment was…

The toughest period in my life so far was between September and December 2017. UBAFC and its members were a massive part of getting me through that period. Other than that, scoring goals and slide tackling a bit too much on the same pitch as my mates was a dream. Lastly, my most active WhatsApp group to this day is all UBAFC boys. The club is simply the GOAT establishment.

Vincent Onuegbu (2014-2018)

The infamous 6 win social

Al Harlington, (2015-2020)

Woodhouse’s cup final winning goal

CC Malik Ouzia (2014-2017)

Leading the 4s to a huge cup upset against Cardiff 1s

Louie Hemmings (2017-2020)

Wearing pints and scoring goals

Matthew Vandepeer (2015-2018)

Seb Gemes wearing pitcher

Nick Thacker (2014-2017)

Seb Gemes blind date reveal

Joe Kelly (2014-2017)

Scoring against UWE at the Mem[orial Stadium] in Varsity 2011

Joe Sheppard (2008-2011)

Such a hard question, literally millions… Absolute unity across so many different teams; being mentored by Sir Alan Tyers; pre-season with Foxy and all the boys in the sun. Plus the silly amount of promotions we had during those years too.

Jonny Rees-Porter (2016-2018)

The World Cup Tour 2018

Sean Sage (2017-2020)

Winning the league with the mighty 4s away in Swansea

Matt Foster (2015-2019)

Too many to pick one… Great comeback wins, league titles and obviously socials

Felix Leon Heiglmaier (2016-2019)

Scoring a belter to beat title rivals Swansea in the league decider

Nick Hamer (2015-2018)

Scoring in varsity in second year for the 2s

CC Matt Shelley (2009-2012)

Bunker room 2. Bargs rollover. Bertie extra time header.

Josh Lewis (2018-2020)

Winning the league away at Swansea in the final game of the season.

Oliver Aucamp (2015-2018)

6 league titles winning season

George Fox (2016-2018)

See what some of our alumni have been getting up to…

Young Goat Ltd was founded in 2019 by six blokes who were brought together through UBAFC. Their primary motive is to promote good mental health; they work closely with two Bristol-based mental health charities. Young Goat Ltd ships clothing to countries all over the world, is constantly growing and can be seen frequently around university worn by supportive club members.

RNS (AKA Rice n Spice) was founded in 2017 by UBAFC member Simmy Dhillon. Now in 2020, RNS is an award winning meal prep company which serves 100s of people each week in Hitchin.

We’ve fed Premier League winners and reality TV stars. We donate food each week to a local homeless charity. Yet most of our clients are everyday working people. Regardless of who you are or what you do, we want to give everyone access to a happy healthy life

Simmy Dhillon, RNS founder

Give back

There are countless ways you can give back to the club. Do you think your company would like to collaborate with us? We can offer a number of collaboration areas for companies such as traditional it sponsorship, website coverage (including SU website), student newspaper coverage, banner/leaflet advertising at events such as freshers fair or varsity, company networking matches/events, promotion of internships/grad schemes and so on.

You can also give back through a one-time donation. If you would like to explore this idea, email

We also cannot stress enough how much we value the support, presence and feedback from our club members as this helps us to hold better events, share better content and continue to grow the club we love.