If you wish to join UBAFC, you must attend the trials held at the start of the university term at the Coombe Dingle Sports Complex – the address is attached below. The trial process takes place across 2 days consisting of a number of 11-a-side games and drills to determine which players are good enough to play for the university.

October Trial Dates

We’ve managed to organise additional trial dates for those of you who missed out on tickets first time round. Our initial trialling process has been taking place across the whole month of October and the 2 added trials will conclude this period. To comply with COVID-19 regulations, we’ll only be able to trial 57 players at a time on the 3G at the Coombe Dingle Sports Complex on the following dates.

• 24/10/2020; 18:30-20:00
• 25/10/2020; 08:30-10:00

In order to get a ticket to be able to trial, you must complete this 2 step process –

1) Book a free SEH ticket to record your details for the university’s track-and-trace efforts.
2) Purchase a £5 SU ticket for the date you have booked on for to cover the cost of you trialling.

To complete Step 1, you must follow the link in our bio which will take you to the University of Bristol Sports website. The activity you need to select is “GIAG Football Men” and then proceed to select one of the 2 trial dates listed above.

After choosing a date and selecting “Book”, you’ll be asked to add your member number. To find this, go to and click the “Student and Staff Login” tab. Once you’ve logged in, go to “My Account” and in the Membership Details section your Membership number will be listed. Now go back and purchase the ticket, it should be self-explanatory from here on out (use your uni email address).

If you’re having any difficulties, head over to the @bristolunisport account which showed how to complete this process in a post on September 30th.

It is then crucial that you complete Step 2 of the process by purchasing a £5 ticket from this link – – to cover your cost of trialling. Purchase the ticket named “Extra Trial” followed by the date in brackets corresponding to the free ticket you previously got.

We must stress that anyone without BOTH tickets will NOT be allowed to trial. These are being distributed on a first-come-first-served basis so if you wish to trial for the club, complete the whole process ASAP.

Sign up for trials now and we’ll see you soon 🤝

January Trial Dates – TBC

If you fail to get into the club via the first set of trials, UBAFC run a second trial in January at the Coombe Dingle Sports Complex to reassess players and admit a new cohort for the rest of the season. A number of current players were missed at previous summer trials and went on to join the club via these trials – do not lose faith if you do not succeed at the first attempt, the December trials serve as a great chance to showcase your ability once again. Additionally, players who may have missed the first trials through injury or otherwise, the January trials exists for you to also have a chance to join the club before the next season. The January trial dates will be posted here once they have been confirmed with the university.